Camping Guidelines

To make your stay enjoyable and relaxing we have established these rules to follow.

OFFICE HOURS: Sunday 8:00a – 7:00p; Monday thru Thursday 9:00a – 8:00p; Friday & Saturday 8:00a – 11:00p. (For Spring and Fall hours contact the office).


All guests must register in office and pay fee. Campers are responsible for their guests and their actions. All vehicles must be registered and display car pass and parked in designated areas. Any person and or vehicle not registered is subjected to a $25.00 fine each.

Car passes must be displayed on rear view mirror or upper right windshield. Cars without car passes will be towed at your expense.

One car per lot/one dwelling per lot. Extra charge for any additional cars.

Each site includes one picnic table and one fire ring. DO NOT TAKE THESE ITEMS FROM OTHER SITES.

Angle parking ONLY on river sites. NO campers maybe parked parallel to river. (Local fire ordinance)

Campfires MUST be confined to fire rings.

NO open waste water containers.

NO chopping or defacing of trees. ($50 fine).

NO washing of anything at dump station or hydrants.

NO trenching or digging around tents or sites.

Protect our environment – Garbage, cans, etc. go into garbage bags and then into dumpster. NOTHING goes into fire rings EXCEPT wood and charcoal. There is NO on site trash pickup.

Weekends are a 2 night minimum & holidays are 3-4 night minimum.

There are NO rain checks.

Check – out time is 2pm. (If additional night stay is desired be see camp office before noon for availability.)


Quiet hours are 11pm to 8am. Sounds carry farther at night, so please respect those camping around you. NO radios, loud singing or yelling between these times will be permitted.

Children 17 and under and pets are campers responsibilities. We are not babysitters. All children MUST be on your site during quiet hours. Pets must be on a leash and attended to at ALL times. You must also clean up after your pet. We are NOT responsible for their safety or their actions.

Pool- Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. Posted rules must be obeyed.

Alcoholic beverages are permitted by guests of LEGAL age in moderation. Excessive drinking and vulgarity will be cause for IMMEDIATE eviction.

Remember, not everyone likes the same type of music. Play for your enjoyment, not for your neighbors. NO loud or foul music will be tolerated. Radio’s OFF during quiet hours.

NO fireworks or firearms are permitted.

Speed limit 5mph throughout the campground. (Pedestrians have the right away)

Motorbike, motor scooters, ATV’s & golf carts are PROHIBITED. You must be at least 16, with a valid drivers license and insurance to drive motorized vehicles in or around campground.

NO HARASSING OF CANOERS. NO hoses, water balloons, or water guns. If you or anyone from your party is found harassing the canoers it will result in you and your party being asked to leave without refund. The people canoeing have paid money for their trip and expect not to have it ruined by our campers. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Anyone who creates a NUISANCE will be asked to leave without refund.


We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone. We also reserve the right to evict, without notice, anyone in violation of our guidelines. Camping and canoeing is an outdoor activity & is subjected to changes in weather. River Run is not responsible for the effects of weather changes. NO refunds will be given.

The management and owners of River Run will not be responsible for any loss occurring in the park due to theft, fire, property damage or personal injury. Anyone entering the campground does so at their own risk and are aware of all risks of camping outdoors.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you will have a pleasant stay at River Run.